Guiding your business forward

We represent employers in litigation and advise management on a broad range of employment matters. From creating effective personnel practices to defending employers at trial, we have the experience and judgement to help manage the maze of regulation and the risk of litigation that comes with it.

On behalf of IR Global, I am delighted to recommend Rebecca Torrey and the Torrey Firm. We share the same passion for offering the highest quality innovative advice and they stand out as a very knowledgeable adviser in the US market. We consider Rebecca and her firm a key strategic partner of IR and highly endorse their services to any business with requirements in their jurisdiction.

Ross Nicholls – Business Development Director – IR Global

Employment Advice and Counselling

We provide advice to companies aiming to aligning their personnel practices with company culture, values and priorities to minimize legal risk. We are known for pragmatic, out-of-the-box solutions that support strategic growth. Our firm is committed to help develop clients’ understanding of the law to improve human resources practices and guide your business forward. 

Progressive culture for better client service

Having spent years in large law firms with a hefty overhead, Rebecca Torrey founded The Torrey Firm on the principle that employers should have extraordinary resources available at reasonable rates. We provide those resources both virtually and in person as businesses assess and recreate their own workplaces.

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