The Torrey Firm joins the Treesistance

At The Torrey Firm we believe in justice, equality, and the preservation of the environment. 

Through Rebecca’s membership of IR Global, we have been long-standing supporters of the Sinchi Foundation; an NGO working with indigenous communities to protect the environment. They recently launched a new movement and impact blueprint centered on the protection of the Amazon, called the Treesistance, which we have proudly partnered with.

The Treesistance platform enables “access to justice” on the latest criminology research and crime science strategies in partnership with Indigenous leaders. It aims to revolutionize how the world looks at forest crime prevention and handles environmental preservation. 

Their blueprint for stopping forest crime and deforestation in the Amazon is based on three pillars: the demarcation of territories and land rights claims, the creation of teams of Forest Guardians to protect their territories, and the development of trusted relationships with law enforcement to ensure prompt and effective action is taken.

We would love for you to join us in supporting the Treesistance movement, click here to learn more.

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