Rebecca Torrey features in 2016 Labour & Employment Annual Review

LONDON, 10 August 2016: Financier Worldwide is pleased to announce that Rebecca Torrey of The Torrey Firm has been featured in its 2016 Labour & Employment Annual Review. Rebecca contributed the US chapter of the report, providing insight into key developments in the region.

Financier Worldwide’s Annual Review canvasses the opinions of leading experts from around the world who advise on labour and employment issues. According to the Annual Review, “Companies operating in today’s global economy have access to, and are able to establish a presence in, diverse and lucrative new markets. But when they do, those companies will be exposed to a host of economic, structural and technological issues, which must be overcome if they are to be successful. One of the most notable challenges is a company’s relationship with its employees, including local employment laws, labour relations and the availability of human capital. The process of attracting and retaining key staff remains a major issue for companies around the world. How organisations respond to these challenges is of paramount importance.”

About the Annual Review

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